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I have visited this restaurant 3 times.The first 2 experiences were fantastic, the food and drinks were great.

To this day, i salivate thinking about the lambburger. (yummy!) I had Cherylyn as a server/tender and she was great! On my first visit, the manager came over and we had friendly conversation. After i paid for my meal, he handed me a $20 off coupon.

I said, "No, i thoroughly enjoyed myself and require no coupon." He insisted. We laughed and talked and i thought, "What a nice place. What a nice manager. What great food." I was sooo happy, and told friends about this place.

I asked my husband to accompany me on my third visit. I saw familiar faces. I waved to the manager, he smiled and walked over saying, "Welcome back!". Also, i was so delighted to have Cherylyn as my tender again.

I recommended the lambburger for my husband. He really loved it. Our burgers, appetizers, and drinks totalled $46. I thought, "Hey, might as well use my $20 off coupon!." THATS when EVERYTHING changed.

Cherylyn called the manager over to redeem the coupon in the computer. The computer was not very far from us and we could hear what they were saying. The manager said, "Typical...i knew they were going to use it." I thought, "What????!". Then, he walked over to me and sarcastically smiled saying, "I'm SOOOO glad that you used that coupon today." I was in such shock that i just smiled.

I left Cherylyn $18 tip-like i did the last time- and we left. We were so hurt by those words. We REALLY liked this place and wanted to come back.

But it was so hurtful, surprising and...it made me upset...obviously.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #671965

So what are you complaining about?The manager gave you a $20.00 coupon, that you tried to refuse, he insisted you take it, that didn't mean you had to use it, being you had tried to refuse it you could have just thrown it away.

What is the problem, anyway?You used the coupon, and they accepted it, get on with your life.

to anonymous Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #672110

What part of the post can't you comprehend?No one I know wouldn't be irritated by the manager's rude comments.

Perhaps it would be helpful if you would get the giant stick removed from your a$$.You might be less grumpy.


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This product is apply named.In that it "schticks" it to the customer.

When you first get it, yes, it's quite a sticky thing. But only after moderate use that stickyness soon goes bye-bye. Totally useless. I tried to get a single crump off my bed with it.

It COULDN'T accomplish the task. No wonder the Better Business Bureau has rated Square One Entertainment, Inc.

with a big fat F.no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no


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Not to be confused with the Sticky Buddy (although from those complaints I won't be buying that either)

What a waste of my time and money!I got the deluxe version which included the long handled roller, the regular size model and the smaller, purse/pocket model.

It worked once only! I can't find a hundred words to express my disappointment (other than curse words). Is any business on the up & up anymore? I doubt I'll get my money back, we'll see.

I'm "schticking" with paper lint rollers.Thanks for listening :-)

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